Friends in Rehab

People… it is sometimes so funny how people can change the world around you. One of my roommates, Zdenka left after a week, but in the meanwhile I got to know Susan. A woman who was as old as me and to whom I could talk about whatever I wanted. We were like twins and the other roommate, Maria, became “our mother”. As Zdenka left, I managed to arrange that Susan could move to our room. We did not have much of our programme together but the rest of the day we used to spend together until I got to know some other people as well. Each of them was specific and each of them gave me something. Therefore I will mention them one after another.

One of them was a young man called Vlado. It is interesting how destiny can play with people. I got to know him while my individual training as we had this in the same room although we did not have the same coach. At first this guy was strange with the whole behaviour he showed to people. At the beginning he came to the lesson and did not say at least “Hello” to me. However, he was talking a bit to his coach when she asked him something. This way I got to know that he had a really strange accident. My individual training contained also special kind of massages during which the parts of my back which grew together were torn to release the pressure on my backbone and the parts around it. This was a really painful procedure and I could not help moaning. After a few times, he started to comment this procedure, which was done to me; and we found a way how to talk to each other. On the other hand I noticed he was not talking to anybody else, so I tried to ask him about it, but he did not want to talk. Once I met him in the corridor near the place where we used to play table tennis. He was sitting there alone and looked so unhappy that I just sat next to him and asked: “What happened to you?”

“I do not know, I just do not remember… “ he said.

“How this is possible? You really have no clue of what happened to you? Did you have an accident? Where there at least some people who could tell you something?”

“No, I just know that my brother found me at my work in a strange stage in which I was just running around the same place talking silly things, with injuries on my head”

“What were the injuries? Can you describe them to me?”

“No, but I can have a look into my documentation if you want”

This way I got to know that this guy was really terribly injured on his head which caused him several neurological problems which can never be treated. According to the injuries as I consulted that with some professionals to find a way how to help him, he must have been attacked by somebody. We spent a lot of time talking. I was helping him to get over the troubles, showing him that he already managed to make a real progress. Despite all the serious injuries, he was not just lying in bed, as doctors expected him; he was able to walk, using just one stick. This was just unbelievable and really positive. Of course, he had also problems with talking and some psychical disorders, but he was slowly getting better and better which was great. The only problem was that he could not see this. It was a really hard work to show him that life did not end for him, but in the end he became even much better than he was before coming to the centre and left with smile on his face.

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