Intensive Care – Part 2

In the end I spent almost three weeks in the intensive care. I am still really grateful that the stuff there allowed me to have my cell phone and laptop by my side… Having these two things my time there was running much faster. However, it was not easy. My family and friends could not come to visit me as much as I would like to. First of all this hospital is quite far away from the place where I live. Secondly, they have their rules for visiting people who are in the intensive care. When my family came to see me they had to wear special clothing to be sterile. However, it happened many times that when the door of the balcony there was open, a pigeon or two came in and were having a walk inside J

Usually my day there started at five in the morning when a nurse came to wash me up and change bed linen. I loved and I hated this at the same time. It really depended on who was on duty. If a good person then everything was ok, but there were also a few people who just did not care so much if somebody suffered or not. Furthermore it also happened that they washed me with soap water, but they did not wash me with just water and they also did not put lotion on my body, so finally I came home totally peeled as my skin is sensitive and needs special care with urea. As the bed linen was changing they had to turn me first the right side and then the left one. This was unpleasant and painful a lot.. After this procedure I had time to have a nap because breakfast was around eight o´clock. What was funny, ( I mean funny if you like sarcasm) then it was the way how I was treated sometimes especially after eating. You know, when you eat even as a healthy person in bed, you usually made a mess. And as an ill person who is not able to move, be sure you make a lot of mess. There were people who came and cleaned up, but there were also people who just came and gave me a talking to this mess although they must have been aware I was a patient and could not tidy up myself J

The other thing was a ward round. Usually it was a small one and once a week there was a big one with the boss. You could recognize this with just watching how much cleaning up was done that particular day. At about ten in the morning my rehabilitation nurse came. For the first operation it was a young lady who I liked really a lot as she was doing her job in a perfect way. She always knew how to encourage people, she understood if my power was not good to perform something. Thanks to her I was stronger and stronger day by day..

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