Next part of the treatment

Next part of the treatment was standing up or firstly sitting up. Maybe you think it is nothing hard, but then you are wrong. This was really difficult especially because of low orthostatic pressure and the fact that the first time they sat me up I was still having the drainage system in my lungs. I thought it would not be possible but the rehabilitation nurse helped me a lot with this. However, at first I was sitting just for 30 seconds and afterwards I was sleeping for more than 3 hours. The other times it was slowly better and better up to the point when I was finally able to have lunch while sitting on the bed. On the other hand I was really afraid of standing up as I could feel the screws in my back and the pain was very strong. However, this day came and had to try it. When I stood up, everything looked ok, but walking was really hard. My legs did not want to do what I wanted them to do. I mean steps were difficult to do. There was also funny side of this as each patient was still wearing the hospital night gown which is open at the back after at least a few days after operation. So anyone who was trying to walk in the corridor was there with naked ass J … or course all of them were wearing some underwear, but still it looked really funny..

On the other side, finally walking made me free or in other words less dependent on the nurses because I could go to the toilet myself, so I did not need the care of the urine catheter any more. However, I was really worried if there would not be an infection as the one I was given before the operation was not removed or changed during the whole three weeks. Luckily nothing bad happened… so I was looking forward to go home soon..

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