Coming Home

Going home, seeing my parents and my daughter again… I was so much looking forward to this. Especially because of the fact that while being in the hospital, and in the intensive care, my mum was also in a hospital, and intensive care, but in our town. She almost died as she suffers from kidney and urine bladder cancer which is even more complicated with her problems with breathing…

So, the day came and I told my doctor in the hospital that although I was grateful and liked him a lot, I hoped I would never see him again. They warned me that I have to be careful because in some cases it could happen the material could break or move, so then another operation would be necessary, but I hoped nothing like that would happen to me. I have already written some facts about the journey with the ambulance, so now I just have to say that when I finally saw the face of my father as the ambulance door opened, I was the happiest person in the world.

However, at home I found out that living with the screws is not as easy as I imagined. I could feel them by each movement I was doing and it hurt me really a lot. Moreover, my mum was suffering a lot because of press sore which she came home with from the hospital as the stuff was not changing her position while she was dependent from all the appliances. I guess this time was really hard for my father as well as my daughter a lot. They were looking after each other while I and my mum were not at home.

My first days were mostly about pain which I was suffering from. At those days I was taking painkillers a lot, but then I told myself that this is not the right way and I tried to look for other ways how to get rid of it. In the end I found it. Using breathing exercises helped me a lot. Beside that I was going on with the exercises I was learnt in the hospital. Day by day, step by step I was better and better.

I spent home more than a month when the invitation from the rehabilitation centre came. I was ready to go and be even much better. However, I have to say that God had another plans…

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