Just Friends – part 2

One Saturday I got to know two more guys. Duro and Miso. The first one who started to talk to me was Duro. It was in the swimming pool. He was really not ashamed of start talking to an unknown person and he straightly asked me: “What happened to you?”

“Nothing much, my backbone must have been operated. What about you?” I replied.

“I was run over by an Indian on a motorbike” was his answer. At first I thought that using the word Indian he thought an idiot who ran over him and caused the whole accident. Later I got to know that he was really run over by an Indian in Venezuela J This was a little bit funny, but his accident itself was not funny at all and Duro was terribly injured. At the beginning he was not able to do anything, just lie down on the bed. He could not move his legs as well as arms. It was a really hard time for him in which he became aware how vulnerable a human life can be. It took him quite a lot of time to be able to stand up on his own feet. However, his leg and arm stayed damaged. Luckily he does not need a wheelchair. He just needs help when doing something more difficult either in walking or anything what is done with arm and hand, like opening a bottle of water, or doing buttons. Despite all the troubles connected to his stage he is always full of energy and in positive mood. He also makes a lot of jokes which I really like. He is not sorry for anything he did in his life and I think it is the right attitude to life.

The other guy, called Miso, was a bit different. Younger than me and we used to make fun of him especially regarding his girlfriend as he made a promise to himself to have sex with her after he is married to her. Of course it is really nice they made this kind of promise to each other, but it is a real question if this is reasonable. Miso is also a very interesting guy. He came to the rehabilitation centre as he fell from an old ruined caste window and when somebody asked him what he was doing there is always answered that he was looking for a princess J On the other hand, I know it was not easy for him as well because it was in winter and that meant he had to wait for help quite long while it was freezing cold outside. He was lucky not to freeze.

Both of them, Miso and Duro are my friends now. I can call them at any time and I can talk about whatever I want which is really great. Moreover Miso is getting married in May and we are going to his wedding. I am happy that at least Miso was able to get back to work although it was not easy for him because the bank for which he used to work changed his position only because he was ill for several months. I think this is unfair, but there is nothing what can be done about it. I do not like the way people behave to people because it is sometime clear that they have no humbleness inside them and they think that nothing can touch them in their comfortable lives. However, everybody of us should be aware of the fact that life is not easy and can be terribly changed in a second.

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