New troubles- new start…

As a disabled person you face not only the change of your entire health. You also have to face the system and the other people which can be quite tough sometimes. Most people have no idea what it means to be disabled and what everything is included in it. You can bet the first question of the people would be what happened to you which might not be very pleasant especially when you have still not got over it. They often ignore when you give invasive answer to them and insist on you to tell them. Beside this lots of them think it is just that you sit on a wheelchair and that´s it.

Dear all…. It is not only about it… As a disabled person you are mostly considered as a mentally ill person as well. I would say that sometimes you are even not considered as a person at all which is quite sad. When your life is changed in so terrible way then you have to make much more effort to be able to live again. Much more effort than the others. And in the end despite all your effort it can happen you will be stuck at the beginning. This happened to me right now. I am in a quite unbelievable situation. After two operation of my spinal cord it seems I will have to face another one as the latest MRI showed my spinal cord is compressed again. I was already operated by the best surgeon who can be found here and I am going for another consultation to him. The question is if I should let him operate on me again or not. The spinal cord is compressed exactly at the same place like a year before. Therefore I decided to stop telling my story and start writing something like diary from the hospital so everyone can see better, the system which is here and which is completely stupid.

I am already here for a week. The first day when they should have accepted me, I came at nine in the morning, but I was not accepted until 16.30. During this time I was having a check-up at the anaesthesiologist and after that I was just sitting in the corridor and waiting. The next day, the only thing which was done was a blood sample of which I was not told any results. During the ward round, the head doctor was laughing when the head nurse told him that I am going to be operated from the front and in another hospital. The other day there was another blood sample which was taken by a doctor from my arteries. However, he did not do that at once, so he was trying this in my left hand and then the right one. He managed it in the right one very good I have to say, but the procedure was quite painful. During the ward round the head of department had a big argument with my surgeon, who is his boss, about me and in front of me. Really very professional… The day after, I went for CT check up in the morning. Can you imagine that I was in the waiting room with an old lady who suffers from tuberculosis? It is already a few days after this and I was still not given the results of it.

Today they made neurological check-up of which I was also not been said anything about as well as rehabilitation check-up as I will have rehabilitation before and after the operation as well. However, this is all what I was told about it… weekend begins and I will see what it will be like…

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