The second week in hospital

The second week started and I have still been waiting for some news. I have tried to talk to the doctors here, but they only told me that I must be informed by my surgeon who is not very often here.  At least  the CT check – up was done but there was not result for it at first and when the result came the head doctor was looking at me like I was there by mistake. He told me the screws were in the right position. So I asked him if he had already seen the MRI for which the answer was NO. Hours after hours and day by day are passing. The days are the same. We are woken up at five in the morning when a nurse comes, measures temperature and prepares portable wash-basins for those patients who are not able to have a shower. It is not very easy to wash yourself while you are lying in bed. Sometimes nurses help you, but they are happier when you do that yourself. Then the bed-linens are changed.  That is not a problem when you are not in the bed J  When you are the unlucky thing to be there while they do this, so have to cooperate with the nurses – this is the best way. However, it is also the most difficult one if you still feel a lot of pain.  So usually till six everything is finished regarding this and you have time till seven when the nurses’ ward-round comes before doctors. Breakfast is at eight and my whole morning is free, except the work out with my rehabilitation nurse.  I will write more about my daily programme later…

What I have noticed is that people around me often think that being on a wheelchair I am really stupid and they lie to me because they think I will not find out.  I do not understand it and I feel sorry for that. I do not know how it is possible, but I know when people lie to me, I am just too afraid to tell them openly.  The worst it is when this is done by the closest people I have and those ones who I love very much. It is not fair…

I have started new relationship with the nurses here. I think they like me quite much as I am always open to them and I do not ask them for many things. I often give them small presents. I hope this will help me after the operation.  I also like the rehabilitation nurse very much. She is very good and she does excellent job I would say. I can see that she cares for the patients here and she tries to do as much as she can for them. We work out every day together and she likes me because I am patient, hard-working and I understand in a full way that I have to work hard on me to be better.

The care of patients is not very good. Can you imagine there is only one enrolled-nurse at night – for more than 20 people? Sometimes you have to wait really long if you need something – for example to pass water or bedpan after operation.  I also heard from the other patients that nurses sometimes do not care even about people who are not able to move their arms and hands. So it also happens that you are brought with lunch which is given on a table for you beside your bed, and you are left alone – it is your problem how you manage to eat.

According to the latest news I was told that my documentation and MRI cds were brought to the other hospital, so the decision of my operation should be done soon…

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